Saturday, April 30, 2005

It's shorts time

The Great Day has arrived: I am wearing shorts!! It's almost 20 degrees here, and I swear I saw 25° on one of the deadly accurate roadside temperature gauges. Not much wind either, which made it a nice day for a toddle on the 'pede.

Nice big bunch, but not really fast early on, although I tried to stir things up a bit a few times. Did the Trap Op in a fairly slow 5'50, but I was alone by that stage and there was a bit of a headwind. I caught Guido at the bottom, who said he was sick, so he sat on until we got swallowed in Edelare. Then it was 43 clicks an hour back along the Schelde, which was actually fairly easy as we had a big bunch and a light tailwind. I suckered myself into going 150m too early in the sprint and ended fourth. I think the honours went by Bjorn Nachtergaele (Dirk's son), complete with special Museeuw jersey and hairy legs. They tell me he's good on the track though.

Tomorrow: Berchem for the first time this year. I need some sleep.

I spoke with Patrick 'De Witte' and he confirmed that it was indeed Rebecca McConnell the other day in the bunch. Shoulda said g'day. She's apparently quit racing professionally and is doing MTB now. It's not easy being a female pro unless you're very, very good and/or are prepared to live off the smell of an oily rag for the term of your natural career.

On an unrelated note, ma has informed me of a website that, I'm sorry to say, appeals to my warped sense of humour: (don't click on this link if you like rabbits, or any other small fluffy animals). The funny thing about it is that people have allegedly donated $28,000 to stop Toby being eaten! I dunno if it qualifies for extortion, but it's pretty crazy that people are so easily duped. I guess that's why the Nigerian email scam still works. Has humanity really come this far?

Enough bilge for one day.

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