Friday, February 18, 2005

Problems have solutions

As I continue to annoy the neighbours with my GIGANTIC subwoofer/speaker sound entertainment system, I am pondering the world's problems. To whit: the weather, which is my favourite problem. Since I got here on Tuesday, it has barely snuck above zero degrees celsius, to use the modern system. That has meant some very cold hands and feet and pretty much everywhere else, should I opt to go for a ride in the morning. I have been doing so, suffering the consequences...but I think I'm starting to get used to the cold or my brain has frozen solid. Not sure which.

Due to jet lag, I've been hitting the sack at about 9pm each night, which has actually worked out ok. I've been waking up at a stupidly early hour (5:30 today), meaning that I can get a couple of hours of news writing done when my head is actually clear. Then go for a ride at about 9-ish and finish it off when I get back, still well within our 2pm deadline. Of course, this will all collapse when I inevitably start working late, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Now, what to do with those spare afternoon hours? Sleep, buy food, watch snow fall outside, write bilge etc. Where is the sun, I ask?

Turning back to the weather, it looks quite promising for the next few days, with maximums of up to 4 degrees, along with "variable precipitation, sleet, wintery showers, snow showers and thundery showers". That sounds like my type of weather, and I'm sure I'll have the sunnies on, sitting out on the front steps in my shorts and thongs, working on that tan. It's gunna be great.

The good thing with my new found SOUND is that I haven't had to resort to watching TV in the evenings. This, I believe is a good thing. I don't know what the Belgian equivalent of Outback Jack is but so far I've been able to spare the brain cells for something more useful (like this) by not watching it.

Someone has drunk all the beer while I've been away and there are only three bottles left!! That will have to be rectified.

A bientot.

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