Tuesday, October 26, 2004


OK, this better be quick as I have to get up in four hours to catch this silly plane. I hope I don't get an embolism.

Last week was busy. It was good to see Luce again though. We partook in much beer and stuff and went to a good vego restauraaaaa in town with Hedwig. We tried about 10 other places and all of them were booked out. Jeez. But this one was good.

I have acquired the Ridley Damocles, although not in Davitamon-Lotto colours, but still bloody nice - full Campag Record + Cosmic SSC wheels. All carbon, all the time. Testing this should be fun!

Today was an awesome day too - cool but dry, sunny and no wind. Very nice.

Cue Henryk John Gorecki...


Ron said...

Well I spose you'll be back when you read this. Good to hear you met up with Lucy and had a good time, before you left.

Although you've done it orfen, it is always stressful getting all the loose ends tied up / relocating / even going on holidays!

Welcome back to Australia - the weather down under has been good too! Hope the new bike is going well.

Jeff Jones said...

Thanks Ron - I'm back on terra firma now and for once I have jetlag. Actually it's probably just tiredness from the last week. Waking up at 3am and then crashing out about 4pm is a bit of a pain, but I'll get there in a week or so.